Retail Next is a beautiful and intuitive cloud-based POS system that is built specifically for small grocery stores, convenience stores, and organic food stores.


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Retail Next Features

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Harness the Power of the Cloud

Instant sales analytics from everywhere. Update your prices, receive inventory, and manage your employees from any browser whether it’s on your phone or your laptop.


Information at your Command

With our customized reporting, you can track popular purchases, individual product performance, employee behavior, and much more. Our solution takes the guesswork out of store management and empowers you to make data-driven decisions!


Sleek Hardware Design

Our hardware solution is sleek, reliable, and rugged. All-in-One by Aures is first in class for uptime and reliability!

See us in action

supermarket software customer
“We love Retail Next because it works for our business, instead of making us work for it. We used to use Square, and the difference is night and day. We can sell cheese by the pound, track profit by product, and track our employee behavior. Its the best!” Christina Barbieri

Wolf Meadow Farm

Server-Free Stores

The Retail Next back office is completely cloud-based. Say goodbye to in store servers and networking equipment that take up space and cost you time and money. Check your store data from anywhere!

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EMV, Apple Pay Grocery POS

1-Second EMV

Retail Next is fully EMV-ready, and we work with almost every major processor. Use the processor of your choice!

Retail Next works with Apple Pay Samsung and Android Pay, EBT Food and Cash and runs gift cards. Let your customers choose the way they pay!


Designed for Speed

Retail Next simplifies the process of adding products and changing prices, pushing changes you make from your device through the whole store. It also speeds up and simplifies the checkout process, reducing customer lines and wait times.

Grocery Inventory Manager
Scanner Scale

Grocery to the Core

We boast in our full scanner/scale integration, powerful receiving and inventory management tools, and label printing integrations, Retail NEXT is prepared to meet every grocers’ need.

Here to Support You

We pride ourselves in hiring quality support technicians that live and work in the USA. We provide emergency phone support 24/7.  You can also contact us via chat, email or visit our knowledgebase for helpful tips, articles, and videos.