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Here at IT Retail,
we make point of sale software
for grocers of any size.

Easy to Learn

IT Retail’s grocery POS software is incredibly easy to use. Cashiers learn how to operate the system in a matter of minutes.

Open Platform

You can access your data at any time in any place, and exporting data is simple.

Decades of Experience

We’ve been doing this for 26 years; thousands of customers can’t be wrong!

Amazing Support

Our support staff is the best in the business. We’re always here to keep your store up and running!

A POS that does it all.

We’ve been in the grocery industry for over 26 years, so we have a deep understanding of the grocery environment. When it comes to helping independent grocers, no point of sale company understands grocers’ needs as well as we do. Why? Because our founder was a second-generation grocer. Learn more about our point of sale.

Gain insight into your business.

IT Retail reports are designed to give you valuable insight into your store’s performance. Learn how products are selling, and more importantly, which products are not moving and are taking up valuable shelf space. How many turkeys did you sell last Thanksgiving, or on Thanksgiving 10 years ago? Our system has the answers.

Learn how advanced reporting can help your grocery store.

POS for Markets


No Server

The cost of maintaining a server in the store is around $1,000 a year. We completely eliminate this cash drain because all of our lanes sync directly to the cloud.


Powerful Inventory

IT Retail’s POS back office includes a powerful inventory management system. We organize items reaching a low inventory threshold into a printable report sorted by the vendor.



We integrate with all of the significant grocery eCommerce providers, offering you the flexibility you need to select the best eCommerce solution for your grocery store.

POS for Supermarkets


Always Up to Date

We manage updates centrally so that your store will always have the latest security updates and features.


PCI Compliant

We only deploy PCI-compliant environments. We have certified our direct interfaces, as well as our gateway interfaces, with the PCI council.


Online Grocery

The future of grocery includes delivery and pickup. That’s why IT Retail’s POS solution integrates into all of the best online platforms available.

Customer Testimonials

Grocery POS software Customer of IT Retail

“IT Retail POS has everything that we were looking for in a POS system. Our main issue with our previous system was their support, but since switching to IT Retail, they have gone above and beyond, ensuring that no problem is overlooked and catering to our every need. Everyone has been wonderful and willing to help. We are very happy with IT Retail. If you’re looking for a POS system with friendly customer service, reliable programmers, and state-of-the-art reporting, IT Retail is hands down the best option available.”

Ron Kerr

Manager, Choice Mart

IT Retail’s Story

We founded IT Retail back in 1993 because we believed that the best person to design a grocery POS system was a grocer. We wanted to build tools and reports that would solve the problems we had in our stores. Since then, we haven’t looked back, and we’re still developing the world’s best grocery-focused POS solutions. No one else can match the combination of software expertise, grocery know-how, and top-of-the-line support that defines the IT Retail POS experience. We genuinely believe that we have built the best POS system for grocery stores.

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