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Our grocery POS software is easy to use from day 1.

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We get you the information you need, when you need it.

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We’ve been doing this for 25 years; thousands of customers can’t be wrong!

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Our support staff is the best in the business- we keep your stores up around the clock!


supermarket software customer

“IT Retail has allowed us to harness our data flow and analyze the data to make our company more profitable. Without having the system be as open as it is, we would never be able to have access to the data at the level we have. Enterprise has given us the ability to analyze the data at our corporate level for all the stores and see where we can make improvements.”

Steve Burg

Mountain Grocery

IT Retail’s Story

We founded IT Retail back in 1993 because we believed that the best person to design a point of sale system for grocery was… a grocer. We wanted to build tools and reports that would actually solve problems we had in our own stores! Since then we haven’t looked back, and are still developing and supporting the best grocery POS solutions in the world. No one else can match the combination of software expertise, grocery know-how, and top of the line support that defines the IT Retail experience. Don’t believe us? Sign up for a free demo and try it yourself!

Grocery point of sale system

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