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Easy to Learn

Our POS for grocery software is intuitive and straightforward, and training videos smooth out the back office software learning curve.

Powerful Reporting

We leverage your store data with our reporting software, giving you customizable metrics and tracking tools.

Decades of Experience

Our POS software is developed by grocers for grocers, and has a proven track record of success.

Amazing Support

Our skilled support technicians are on call to make sure that your store stays up around the clock.

IT Retail’s Story

Since 1993 IT Retail has been helping grocery store owners succeed by providing a comprehensive suite of grocery POS systems. Developed by a life long grocer 22 years ago, our point of sale solution is designed to meet the grocer’s every need. We guarantee that our point of sale software system will help you succeed! IT Retail’s POS software is designed specifically for grocery stores. Despite the company’s growth, it has never veered from its grocery roots. Every new feature, every UI refinement, every new hardware adoption is made with the grocer in view.

Grocery point of sale system

Apps to Keep You in the Loop

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Store Sales App

A companion to Retail PROFESSIONAL
Track store sales from your phone
View product trends over time
See customer traffic per store


grocery inventory app


Enterprise Sales

A companion to Retail ENTERPRISE
View and compare store sales data
Track company-wide metrics
Analyze customer and basket trends



supermarket software customer

“IT Retail has allowed us to harness our data flow and analyze the data to make our company more profitable. Without having the system be as open as it is, we would never be able to have access to the data at the level we have. Enterprise has given us the ability to analyze the data at our corporate level for all the stores and see where we can make improvements.”

Steve Burg

Mountain Grocery

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