IT Retail Partners Toolkit

We love helping our partners make money.


Rewarding tiers for our partners.

Referral Agreement
Earn $10 per lead with completed demo
Earn up to $500 per lead closed

Close the deal personally
Personalized Sales Training
Earn around 50% more than that of bronze

Sell and Install IT Retail Products
Leads sent to you based on region
Earn the majority of revenue on the deal

How to Get Started

“All we are asking for is a warm introduction, we will do the rest!“

Learn about IT Retail

We don’t want you recommending something blindly. We would love to talk to you and tell you a little about ourselves, download some material. Send us an email to learn more about the program:

Submit a Lead

Submit a lead. Introduce the lead over email or fill out our referral form. Our POS specialist will take it from here to set up a demo, and close the deal.

Earn a referral bonus

With every demo we set up we will send you $10. With every lane that is closed, we will send $100. Eg. If it is a 3 lane store we will you send $300 for the introduction. 

We are excited to Partner Up

Just fill out the basic information about yourself, we will review, reach out, answer any questions and get you set up! 

Or, are you ready to become a VAR?
We’ll get you some more information about becoming a value-added reseller.

Marketing Material

Watch a Demo

Schedule a demo to see our product in action.