IT Retail Payments

IT Retail is excited to introduce IT Retail Payments, our new payment processing service! 

We created IT Retail Payments to provide you with top-notch service and support in every aspect of your business. Instead of working with several different companies to get everything you need for your store, IT Retail serves as a one-stop shop for all your grocery needs.

Simplify your payment processing management.

Our goal is to help your grocery store operate at its highest level. IT Retail Payments allows you to easily manage your payment processing service through the same easy-to-use interface as our POS software.

Better Technical Support

One of the most frustrating aspects of payment processing services is getting technical support from your provider. 

With IT Retail Payments, you’ll have access to our experienced and qualified team of friendly technicians who are there to help you 24/7. Not only will you get the best technical support possible, but you’ll receive the highest quality customer service along the way.

Save Money

IT Retail Payments is dedicated to giving you the best deal we can. We can offer a better rate than our competitors, and we’ll provide you with an excellent price for your payment processing services. 

Work with Someone You Trust

Instead of handing your payment processing services over to a company you’ve never worked with before, have IT Retail manage them. You’re already familiar with our work and our dedication to your store. You know that we’ll do everything we can to support you in every way possible. 

IT Retail is here to help you increase your efficiency, productivity, and profitability. IT Retail Payments is our newest way of supporting you in providing a fantastic customer experience.


We’ve already helped customers save up to $500 a month in processing costs. Talk to us today to see if you can save that much.
Want to learn more? If you think your store is a great fit for IT Retail Payments, we’ll give you a $50 credit towards any software or services purchased from IT Retail. Click here to learn more.
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Note: Your statement will not be shared outside of IT Retail. We will present the payment proposal within 7 days. 

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