Online grocery sales will reach some $100 billion by 2025, or about 20% of the grocery retail market”

– Forbes

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Take your store online with the right POS.

IT Retail and Mercato share the vision of helping grocers grow thier businesses. With Mercato’s intuitive platform and a full integration with IT Retail, you’ll be online in a snap.

Increase store sales by 15%.


Get Your Entire Store Online

Easily list all of your items, including specialty, fresh and branded items. Mercato makes it simple with their full IT Retail POS integration.

Grow your customer base

Mercato does the marketing for you. Extensive online, email, social, in-store and on-site marketing is all included. They invest so you can grow.

Leverage a Huge Delivery Network

On-demand access to tens of thousands of drivers and couriers across over eleven thousand zip codes, and growing.

Operate stress-free

Don’t worry about a thing! Mercato monitors your orders, deliveries, and takes care of payments or refunds while you focus on what matters most – your store.

Enable online and delivery ordering


Our point of sale integrates with the best online shopping and delivery platforms for your market. Our pos online grocery is committed to providing innovative, simple and powerful technology solutions that boost grocery retailers’ profitability. We have partnered with Mercato and other online shopping and delivery platforms. Mercato’s goal is to help independent grocery retailers succeed in an increasingly competitive industry.

Online & Delivery Grocery Store POS Integration & a strong online store platfom

 With online grocery sales doubling each year we want to make sure you are informed and have the tools to innovate. To stay competitive with chain grocery stories, we teamed up with the best, Mercato enables grocery stores to be online in a “snap”. ItRetail’s point of sale allows grocery to have control of inventory, sales and so much more. With the “US online grocery market has grown from $12 billion in 2016 to $26 billion in 2018 and it has plenty of room to grow, given that the size of the overall grocery market was $632 billion in 2018 according to IBISWorld” (Business Insider). Going online can seem hard but we make it easy with the best pos online grocery team. Our POS integrates with all major online shopping software and delivery platforms. “Increase your sales by 15% or more, get your entire store online and stay competitive against grocery chains stores”(Mercato).

Going online is easier than you think.

“IT Retail’s Point of Sale integrated smoothly with every feature, function, and service we decided to add to our store. We were worried about taking the store online, it sounded very difficult. Putting products online and making sure the transaction worked while tracking sales and inventory… the whole process was a success. Our online market is up and running. Thank you IT Retail. If you are considering going online, it is well worth the effort. Just make sure IT Retail is helping.”

– Goodwin & Son’s Market Manager  |  Crestline, California

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