Grow sales with Customer Loyalty.

Increase revenue and customer satisfaction in just a few clicks.

The easy way to enable a loyalty program for your customers.

Engage With Your Customers

Our loyalty program allows grocers to engage with their customers, creating custom rewards that can be earned through money spent at the store.


A well-designed loyalty program will make customers feel an emotional connection to your brand, increasing customer retention. Plus, collect the email addresses of customers engaged with loyalty to contact them with other promotions.

Customizable Rewards

Our customer loyalty system allows you to create customizable rewards.
Keep your customers coming back with valuable incentives.


Rewards - Your Way

Our loyalty rewards program allows grocers to discount their customers’ transactions based off of a required point amount.  Customize your loyalty rewards to take dollar amounts or percentages off of the transaction.  Rewards can be applied to the basket or individual items, and even enabled on only certain days of the week.


Make Customers Feel Valued

Personalize your loyalty program to cater to your customers.  Make your customers feel appreciated by creating rewards to surprise and delight at checkout.  Our loyalty program will help you save money; customer retention is often less expensive than attracting new customers.

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Simple Implementation

We make setting up a customer loyalty program easy. There’s only three steps to get started.

Set Points Earned Per Dollar

Choose the number of points customers will ear per dollar spent at your store.

Create Your Rewards

Use our simple form to create new rewards for your customers.

Set Reward Value

Choose how many points each rewards costs in order to be redeemed by the customer.

Simple Reward Redemption

The customer loyalty system makes it quick and easy for customers to redeem rewards at the checkstand.

Smart Checkout

Once the cashier totals the transaction, the POS analyses the current customer’s points balance. If there are any rewards available within that points balance, the customer can choose what reward they would like to redeem. The appropriate discount will be immediately applied to the transaction. This simple system makes redemption process easy for both the customer and cashier.

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