{ 2021 IT Retail User Conference – Virtual Event April 6th, 2021 }




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Here, you’ll learn all about our latest features and advancements. We want to provide you with the best POS possible, and this webinar will tell you everything you need to know about our newest updates.




Start Tuesday, April 6th at 9 am to 3 pm PST

We’re excited to see you then!


The grocery industry is moving fast. We’re talking inventory management robots that scan store shelves, no-lane checkout with Amazon, and mobile ordering with store pickup options. Corporate supermarkets are disrupting the market of independent grocery companies. At IT Retail, we believe it’s time for independent grocers to take back their industry. 

What you can expect on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 at 9 am.



9:00 AM – Keynote – Where is IT Retail Headed? 

9:35 AM – Retail Trends 

10:05 AM – Coffee Break 

10:30 AM – PowerBI 

11:15 AM – eCommerce

12:00 PM- Lunch → optional FREE lunch order

1:05 PM- Retail MARKET – Latest and Greatest

1:45 PM- Retail PROFESSIONAL – Latest and Greatest

2:30 Quick Break 

2:40 PM – Food Waste Reduction Software

3:15 PM – Marketing & Grocery Trend

3:45 PM- Conclusion


What 2021 has in Store for Grocers

You know the saying, “it’s all about location, location, location.” For grocery stores, that used to be absolutely true. Today, the saying looks a little more like “innovate, innovate, innovate.” As independent grocers, we’ve got to use our operational agility to stay competitive.

We’ve got to innovate our way to success. This means optimizing store formats, adopting new technology, and using the data at our fingertips to lead us towards successful business practices. Modern point of sale systems just isn’t giving us the features or data we need to truly take back our industry.

Our platform is generalized and easy to work with for developers. Not only can 90% of frontend functionality be extended, but users can utilize and extend the existing POS database. Send dashboard sales information to the web, integrate with a new payment platform, capture security logs for safekeeping. The possibilities are endless.