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Easy to Use

Training cashiers on our point of sale takes about 10 minutes. It’s built for new and experienced grocers alike.

Every Peripheral

IT Retail point of sale is built to support all the peripherals needed in grocery. This includes scanners and scales.

24/7 Support

Each point of sale subscription includes 24/7 access to IT Retail’s industry-standard support team. Talk to a real person, every time.

Offline Payments

Never worry about offline payments again. Perform transactions even if your store isn’t connected to the internet.

Payment Processing

Our solutions work with every major payment processor. Use whichever processor is best for you.

Speedy Checkout

Our point of sale solutions are designed for speed and reliability at the checkstand. Every transaction is easy, quick, and reliable.

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Meet the Grocer

Over 6000 stores use IT Retail’s POS systems today. Charlie Bougas runs two of them.

Charlie Bougas is a second generation grocer with two stores in Cambridge, MA. He started using IT Retail in his first store, Mckinnon’s Meat Market, after many years of using the ISS-45.

Charlie’s cashiers were trained within a few hours and were excited to use their new system. Scanning, checkout, and card processing were faster, and customers were happy.

Charlie was able to check his sales, employee performance, and inventory from anywhere.

“With IT Retail, I can get up-to-the-minute information from anywhere. I use my laptop, my tablet, and my phone to check sales.”

IT Retail gave Charlie the freedom he needed to run his store from anywhere, using the simple and effective interface provided by the online management portal.

After 18 months of using IT Retail at Mckinnon’s, Charlie decided to bring the POS into his second store near Harvard University, Broadway Marketplace.

“We check out hundreds of Harvard students and community members every day. Especially during the fall semester, we really need a reliable system that works for every transaction.”

Grocery PINpad Terminal for Market POS

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