The Enterprise Level Solution

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The Enterprise Level Solution

Manage every store from one corporate location.

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Supermarket Chains Need Custom Solutions and Open Data

IT Retail for enterprises is a headquarters management solution. We provide centralized data management on-premise or in the cloud, advanced security, and custom POS.

Multi-store management that gives you control.

Centralized Updates

We manage updates centrally for thousands of lanes and strategize with customers on every rollout. We strive to simplify software and security updates.

PCI Compliant

We only deploy PCI-compliant environments. We have been certified for our direct interfaces as well as our gateway interfaces.

Loss Prevention Made Easy

Managing hundreds of stores is a lot of work. Our goal is to make the job of loss prevention easy by providing in-depth cashier analysis using advanced algorithms.

Clear Enterprise Reports

IT Retail POS team organizes stores data by regions, zones, cities, and zip codes. You choose how you want to slice the data to analyze it, and our solution does it.

“We’re really partners — more than just us paying IT Retail and them providing a service.”

Rory Glidewell
IT director for Lowe’s Supermarket

Use your data to customize your competitive advantage.

At IT Retail, we know that having a real competitive advantage requires a powerful POS platform. Not only does IT Retail provide the industry standard for grocery POS, but it also provides a full development platform to extend the capabilities of your store. We built our platform to give you full customization ability. If you can dream it, you can build it.

Partnering with IT Retail means you’re already using the best point of sale for independent grocery stores. Our suite of reports was built by grocers for grocers, meaning that you’re getting a curated set of valuable insights for your business. Our open platform allows you to infinitely extend this functionality. It’s not just the best POS for grocery stores, but it’s the best POS for your grocery store. Own your data, use your data, join the platform.

Fulfill Your Security and Compliance Requirements

We take security seriously here at IT Retail and care deeply about protecting your enterprise.

PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is the first thing we consider when deploying our solutions. We know that PCI is important to your enterprise, and we consistently exceed the requirements set forth by the PCI council.

Carbon Black

We work closely with Carbon Black to provide superior security. Application control flips the traditional paradigm on its head—it blocks everything that isn’t specifically pre-approved by both your IT- and cloud-driven policies.

Centralized Employee Management

Granular employee management lets you set security levels for cashiers to technicians across the enterprise. We work with employee barcodes or secure PINs.

ESET Anti-Virus

Powerful malware, exploit, and ransomware prevention augmented by ESET. Integrated and managed from a single pane of glass to provide full visibility into your network.

Centralize Your Data

Our centralized manager gives headquarters complete control, making it easy to maintain pricing, sales, employees, and more from one location.

Grocery Enterprise Management

Store and Product Sales

With our software, you can analyze the data from hundreds of stores right from your headquarters. Zoom in on a specific region, or view individual store performance over time.


Employee Management

Centrally manage all your employees right from the corporate office. Perform cashier analysis, loss prevention, and more.


Price Validation

Eliminate price inconsistency from store to store. Simply compare pricing data with your benchmarks and make the necessary changes right from headquarters.

Integrations and Custom Interfaces

We have interfaces for 50+ software solutions. We do not want to disrupt your workflow, so we’ll analyze your business and provide interfaces that eliminate tedious data entry.


IT Retail POS support team is world class. When you speak with any of our customers the first thing they talk about is our support team. We believe our product is the best point of sale for grocery, but even more, we believe that we have the best support team of all grocery point of sale providers.

24/7 emergency support that is 100% in the USA

With Enterprise, you can manage all your stores at one corporate location.

  • Store Pricing
  • Full Reports
  • Import Price Changes from Vendors
  • Department Management
  • Section Management
  • Employee Management
  • Mobile Reports
  • Electronic Coupons
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Till Management
  • Scale Management
  • Labels


The Hill Grocery Company

Broadway Market Place

New Deal Fish Market

Do you own a supermarket chain?

IT Retail POS solution gives business owners essential tools to run and understand their stores better.

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