Retail ENTERPRISE has repeatedly saved multi-store operations millions of dollars.

Our centralized manager gives headquarters complete control making it easy to maintain pricing, sales, employees and more from one location, saving stores time and money.

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Get a Top Level View of Sales

Grocery Enterprise Management

Store and Product Sales

With our software, you can analyze the data from hundreds of stores right from your headquarters. Zoom in on a specific region, or view individual store performance over time. You can also analyze product movement through customizable metrics, and optimize your inventory and ordering accordingly.


Product Batches

With Product Batches you have the tools to manage your entire inventory. Search by UPC, item description, vendor, and more. Place custom categories on sale and phase vendor offerings in and out.


Employee Management

Centrally manage all your employees right from the corporate office. Perform cashier analysis, loss prevention, and more.

Central Administration

Store sales and product movement information are transmitted automatically from each store to headquarters, allowing you to analyze store performance across a variety of metrics. Powerful inventory management tools let you analyze shrink, manage purchase orders and invoices, and calculate inventory profitability.

Supermarket Software Chain Management
Supermarket Software

Price Validation

With Retail ENTERPRISE, you no longer have to worry about price inconsistency from store to store. Simply compare all pricing data with your corporate benchmarks, and make the necessary changes right from your headquarters. This tool insulates your store from manager errors and increases profitability across the board.

Customer Features

With our customer metrics, you can track your most and least profitable customers and see what their buying habits are. Recognize them at the register through photo assignment, and give them customized rewards based on their purchase history. Manage check writing rights and check limits on a customer by customer basis.

Grocery POS CRM
Grocery Store Management

Scale Item Maintenance

Change pricing information, ingredient lists, and more. With Retail ENTERPRISE you are able to directly input the necessary information without having to manually send the request through managers or employees.


Grocery Inventory Software


IT Retail’s Back-office tracks your inventory from item, cost and retail management to receiving, inventory counts, reporting and profitability analysis. Retail INVENTORY enables informed product, category, and department analysis to better understand cost, inventory management, and sell price.

Grocery Store Management App

Enterprise Sales

A companion to Retail ENTERPRISE
View and compare store sales data
Track company-wide metrics
Analyze customer and basket trends


Highlighted Features


Store Sales Analysis


File Maintenance


Cashier Management


Product Sales


Customer Analysis


Product Batches


Customer Sales


Inventory Management


Statistics and Balancing

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