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Point of Sale built for Supermarkets

Retail PROFESSIONAL is our supermarket point of sale solution is designed for supermarkets that have 5+ lanes. Sign up for a demo to see why grocers accross the US are switching to our point of sale.

Supermarket Point of Sale Solution


Our POS touchscreens are intuitive and user-friendly, the result of years of market research and optimization.


Take EBT food and EBT cash, eWIC online, eWIC offline, gift cards, Blackhawk, telecheck and more!


Discount and special color coding makes it easy for customers to see where they are saving money.


Product lookup eliminates the need for custom labels: sell nonstandard items without any hassle.

“IT Retail has everything that we were looking for in a supermarket POS system. Our main issue with our previous system was support, but since switching to IT Retail they have gone above and beyond, ensuring that no problem is overlooked, catering to our every need. Everyone has been wonderful and willing to help. We are very happy with IT Retail. If you’re looking for a POS system with friendly customer service, reliable programmers, and state of the art, detailed reporting systems IT Retail is hands down the best option available.”

Ron Kerr

Choice Mart

Powerful Back Office

Retail PROFESSIONAL’s back-office has tons of reports and on top of that the data is accessible to built custom reports against.
Better data management and understanding means better operational decision-making.

Grocery Employee Management Point of Sale


Access and examine reports like rings per minute and average sales per hour.


Manage the lanes with blind tills and see the cashiers over/ shorts


Customize roles for each employee according to your supermarkets varied needs.


Gives business-owners the data they need in a helpful, easy-to-reference format.

“From the start we were very impressed with the friendliness of IT Retail’s installation team. The system itself is vastly more user-friendly then all our previous POS systems. IT Retail’s grocery POS solution has also really helped us gain control over our pricing structure by providing us with more in-depth pricing data. IT Retail enables us to closely track our customers and cater to our customers, ultimately making our store more profitable.”

Megan LaGree

LaGree’s Food Stores

Supermarket Back office Management, changing prices

Decisions backed by Data

Retail PROFESSIONAL comes with a wide variety of reports necessary to make the right decisions for the store. Managers can see Store Sales, Product Sales, Safe Accounting, Employee Performance, Customer Purchasing Patterns and more. Custom reporting is easy through the use of Microsoft SQL, and leverages your store data into useful, actionable information.

Easily Track Inventory

With Retail PROFESSIONAL’s back office, we take the guesswork out of inventory management. You can track items, costs, purchase orders, product movement and more all right from your store. Set target margins from the back end and set prices based on your data. These powerful tools will enable you to cut shrink, make smarter decisions, and increase the profitability of your supermarket.

Inventory Grocery
Grocery Customer Rewards, CRM

Serve Every Customer

Retail PROFESSIONAL’s Customer Relationship module provides the means to identify and better serve your customers. Through our CRM system you can see where your customers are from, what they buy, and how much they spend. You can then send them personalized promotions and coupons based on their purchase history.


Supermarket Self-Checkout Solution


IT Retail has teamed up with Pan-Oston’s Self-Checkout Solution to support the creation of an innovative grocery self-checkout system focused on keeping your grocery stores on the cutting edge of the market.

Supermarket Store Sales App

Store Sales App

A companion to Retail PROFESSIONAL
Track store sales from your phone
View product trends over time
See customer traffic per store


Highlighted Features


Scanner / Scale Integration


Product Lookup


Promotional Pricing Control


Configurable Tenders




Flexible Security Levels


Customizable Touchscreen


Customer Loyalty Tracking


Training Mode

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