Retail PROFESSIONAL is IT Retail’s top selling product: it includes both grocery point of sale and back office management.

At IT Retail we realize that supermarket software needs to be reliable and easy to use. Our platform is simple and intuitive, but has the flexibility to scale up organically as your business grows. Retail PROFESSIONAL helps you optimize and streamline your store, both for today and for the future.

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A Complete Grocery Point of Sale Solution

Complete Supermarket Checkout System for Grocery POS Software

Easy to Use

Our touchscreens are intuitive and user-friendly, the result of years of market research and optimization.


Add custom buttons or rearrange the layout with our simple configuration editor.

Transparent and Informative

Discount and special color coding makes it easy for customers to see where they are saving money.


Product lookup eliminates the need for custom labels: sell nonstandard items without any hassle.

Employee Management

Easily monitor your employees through Retail PROFESSIONAL’s back end. Track cashier efficiency: reports such as rings/min, average sales per hour, and more are all easily accessible. Manage the lanes with blind tills and see which cashiers are over or short. Customize roles for each employee according to your store’s needs.

Grocery Employee Management Point of Sale
Grocery Store Management Software

Open, Flexible, Unlimited Reporting

Retail PROFESSIONAL comes with a wide variety of reports necessary to make the right decisions for the store. Managers can see Store Sales Analysis, Product Sales, Safe Accounting, Employee Performance, Customer Purchasing Patterns and more. Custom reporting is easy through the use of Microsoft SQL, and leverages your store data into useful, actionable information.

Inventory Assistant

With Retail PROFESSIONAL’s back office, we take the guesswork out of inventory management. You can track items, costs, purchase orders, product movement and more all right from your store. Set target margins from the back end and set prices based on your own data. These powerful tools will enable you to cut shrink, make smarter decisions, and increase the profitability of your store.

Inventory Grocery
Grocery Customer Rewards, CRM

Customer Loyalty Rewards

Retail PROFESSIONAL’s Customer Relationship Marketing module provides the means to identify and better serve your customers. Through our CRM system you can see where your customers are from, what they buy, and how much they spend. You can then send them personalized promotions and coupons based on their purchase history.


Supermarket Inventory


IT Retail’s Back-office tracks your inventory from item, cost and retail management to receiving, inventory counts, reporting and profitability analysis. Retail INVENTORY enables informed product, category, and department analysis to better understand cost, inventory management, and sell price.

Inventory Management App

Store Sales App

A companion to Retail PROFESSIONAL
Track store sales from your phone
View product trends over time
See customer traffic per store


Grocery Checkout System

Lane Hawk

Using patented recognition software and cameras linked to the point of sale system, LaneHawk stops BOB loss by automatically detecting and recognizing items under the cart even if they are hidden from the cashier’s line of sight by other items.

Grocery Self-Checkout


IT Retail has teamed up with Pan-Oston’s Self-Checkout Solution to support the creation of an innovative grocery self-checkout system focused on keeping your grocery stores on the cutting edge of the market.

Highlighted Features


Scanner / Scale Integration


Product Lookup


Promotional Pricing Control


Configurable Tenders




Flexible Security Levels


Customizable Touchscreen


Customer Loyalty Tracking


Training Mode

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