Secret: The Checker-less Check-stand is months Away!

Over the last few days IT Retail grocery POS has been conducting their annual Key User Conference, where they annually contrive the vision of their future with their customers.  Evolution Robotics Retail was invited to come and deliver a presentation about the cutting edge in grocery scanning.  As I’m sure you are aware LaneHawk (developed by Evolution Robotics Retail) is an advanced BOB loss prevention system based out of Pasadena CA.

The presentation started out with a brief capsulation of the genesis of LaneHawk and Evolution Robotics Retail.  CEO, Alec Hudnut stated that: “it all started with a few really smart Cal Tech geeks that got together and decided to start a research and development company focusing on improving object recognition and computer vision capabilitiesâ€.

He described the times before Kroger came to Evolution Robotics Retail asking them to develop a product that will address the ever existent BOB loss issue.  They worked with some major players such as Sony, to develop the AIBO Robot training this robotic dog to go back to its charging dock whenever it is getting low on battery and the US Army, to help soldiers recognize of RPG’s (Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers) for the Hum-V’s in Iraq.  They partnered with Kroger several years back and in the last year they have installed hundreds of thousands of thousands of LaneHawk systems in grocery stores across the globe.

With their success in the Retail/ Grocery industry they have decided to stick around for a little bit and help in the evolvement of this technologically inert industry. The most exciting advancement is the development of the checker-free check stand at the POS. With their ViPR® (Visual Pattern Recognition) technology, they have been able to develop a working checkout portal that scans all of your groceries without the aid of a checker and without UPC’s. If you don’t believe me then here’s a link for you:

The potential effect that TunnelHawk may have on checkout speeds is mouth watering.  I would liken it to having your fastest checker at each of your lanes all from open to close except this checker doesn’t take sick days, doesn’t go on vacation and never steals.  Months away from production I truly believe that this system will have a significant impact on the grocery industry.  The question is will their still be a job for the checker?

Author: Luke Henry

Luke Henry has over 10 years of experience in the grocery POS space and is committed to delivering solutions that enable independent grocers across the world to compete against the grocery conglomerates.