Robovie-II Helping an Elderly Woman With Her Grocery Shopping.

Robovie-II Helping an Elderly Woman With Her Grocery Shopping.

How many of you hate having to push your grocery cart around the store while you look for the items on your grocery list? I personally don’t mind, but I know that there are some people that have trouble doing these tasks. That’s why Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) has taken the liberty to create a robotic android to help people do their grocery shopping.

This new shopping assistant, named Robovie-II, was mainly created to help elderly customers have an easy grocery shopping experience. The way Robovie-II works is simple, the customer first writes down their grocery list on a special mobile device at home. Then when they arrive to the store, sensors all through-out the supermarket will recognize the mobile device and, one of the many, Robovie-II will approach the customer to greet them. The robot then follows the customer around the grocery store, carrying their items, and reminding them what else is on their list.

Although Robovie-II is still in his testing stages, I believe that he will be a great help to many elderly customers, plus how awesome is it to have a personal robot helping you with your purchases! In addition, I think that that Robovie-II is a giant step forward in technology for the grocery world because soon we’ll be able to walk into a store, have our grocery list scanned and different robots will bring us our items.

Now it’s your turn readers, do you think having robots help us with our groceries is smart? Leave your comments below, thank you! 🙂

Author: Luke Henry

Luke Henry has over 10 years of experience in the grocery POS space and is committed to delivering solutions that enable independent grocers across the world to compete against the grocery conglomerates.