How many times have you gone to the grocery store looking for a certain item, but wait there’s just one problem. You only need a certain amount of this product and the store only sells in a ridiculously large quantity! Obviously you have to buy it because you need the ingredient but what are you going to do with the left over, oh well right? No, this has happened to me a countless amount of times! I buy a product and end up having the leftovers sit in my pantry for months!

But our prayers may have been answered my fellow grocers! A new grocery store, with a very intriguing name if I may add, called In.gredients is planning to open its first grocery store in East Austin, Texas. What makes In.gredients unique and different from any other grocery store, well they have officially walked away from packaging! People will have to walk into In.gredients with their own containers and fill them up with as much or as little food as they want. In.gredients has stated in an ABC interview that they have a very, “simple model, a throwback to old times” where people would be able to get the amount needed instead of buying too much of one product.

As thrilled as some people are about this idea, some warn In.gredients on this zero-packaging idea. An NYU professor of environmental conservation has stated that packaging products has much importance in the grocery world. That being able to package products allows certain foods to last longer and not spoil, therefore allowing store owners to leave certain items on the shelves longer.Yes, I understand this professors concern because packaging does help food stay fresh and not spoil but I also believe that In.gredients has foreseen this issue and has figured out a clever way of dealing with it. I for one am actually very interested in this new grocery store because In.gredients makes a valid point. People are only interested in the product not the box or plastic packaging that it comes in. So hats off to you In.gredients and I wish you the best.Now it’s your turn readers, what do you think about In.gredients? Would you shop at a grocery store that required you to take your own food containers?

Author: Luke Henry

Luke Henry has over 10 years of experience in the grocery POS space and is committed to delivering solutions that enable independent grocers across the world to compete against the grocery conglomerates.