How would your grocery shopping change if you knew what foods were healthy and which ones were not?

The government wants to put healthy food labels on all food packages so people can see not only the calories per serving but also how the item ranks on a healthy food scale. The obvious goal for the government here is to help consumers realize that maybe the foods that they buy their kids for lunch or maybe its food that they buy for themselves may be the wrong foods to buy. So with these food labels we can realize which foods are good for us and which foods are not!

I’m excited about the idea and I’m crossing my fingers that it will get implemented. There are definitely some problems with this theory such as, how are they going to rate every food and beverage item fairly. For instance, how would they rank a dairy product? Milk is incredibly good for you because it has many vitamins and nutrients that your body needs but milk also has a lot of calories! So yeah it would rank high in the healthy level but would the high calorie count bring its ranking back down?

So if this was my project I would separate everything into different categories! Lets go back to the milk example, I would definitely rank milk as healthy, then I would state the amount of calories per serving. The reason I would classify it as healthy is because I would have already set certain rules on how to categorize all the items. The healthiness of the food item will be considered separately then the calories per serving. So my healthy food labels would state that the food is healthy but beware that this food product may contain a lot of calories!

Overall, I think that this idea is great because when I go grocery shopping I always look at the nutrition facts before the item goes into my grocery cart but I could save myself a ton of time with these customer friendly healthy labels! It kind of surprising that the government is trying to help its citizens be healthier. But I believe that this idea is would be to hard to accomplish because there are so many factors that have to be considered. Also, what stops the food companies from changing their products so they can go around the rankings? But if the government manages to follow through with this product than I am more than willing to apologize because I really do believe that this idea is a good one!

Now it’s your turn readers, how would your grocery shopping change if these food labels actually made it to stores? Leave your comments below! 😀

Author: Luke Henry

Luke Henry has over 10 years of experience in the grocery POS space and is committed to delivering solutions that enable independent grocers across the world to compete against the grocery conglomerates.