From consumer demand to the latest in checkout technology, knowing is half the battle when it comes to running your grocery business. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of eight respected sources to keep you abreast of industry happenings, trends, and more. Read on to see what you may be missing! 

“Trendy” may not be the first thought that comes to mind when picturing the grocery industry: Grocers build their businesses by supplying their local communities with nourishment, diversity of foods, and a positive shopping experience—but keeping on top of business trends is vital for grocery industry professionals. 


From consumer demand to the latest in checkout technology, knowing is half the battle when it comes to running your grocery business. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of eight respected sources to keep you abreast of industry happenings, trends, and more. Read on to see what you may be missing! 


The Shelby Report

An industry favorite for a reason, The Shelby Report is a respected and long-running grocery news outlet with a range of available information. They have an extremely navigable website and a selection of different categories to choose from. 


In addition to an e-newsletter, this grocery news source also offers five distinct regional magazines featuring laser-focused news for your local area trends. Whether you’re looking for wholesale information or single-store trends, this industry leader has your back. 


Progressive Grocer 

If a century-long record of delivering trusted news is on your shopping list, then Progressive Grocer is a can’t-miss outlet for you. This grocery news titan describes itself as “the voice of the retail food industry since 1922,” but is anything but outdated. 


They seek to provide quality information for key decision makers from store-level management to corporate leaders. With categories like, “research” and “ecommerce,” their newsletter provides both varied and useful information for your business. 

National Grocers Association Newsletters

More than just industry news, the newsletters offered by the National Grocers Association are a must for any grocery industry professional. Their “Express Lane” newsletter offers a snapshot on industry trends, while their more education-focused offerings will give you a leg-up on employee development. 


The most indispensable resource offered here, though, are their alert newsletters! The NGA tracks food recalls issued by manufacturers and distributors, and their Food Recall Alert will make sure that you’re informed and able to keep your customers safe. 

Grocery Dive

A well-rounded newsite with an excellent research-centric focus, Grocery Dive supplies high-level grocery journalism. Operated by Industry Dive, the editorial team for this grocery news outlet has plenty of experience in getting to the bottom of industry issues. 


From shopper behavior research to data on ecommerce, pricing, omnichannel and more, Grocery Dive offers industry news to build your brand. They also offer chain-specific information regarding earnings, changes, and announcements—allowing you to keep your business ahead of the big-box competition. 

Supermarket News

With a strong focus on brand-specific announcements, Supermarket News is one of our favorite sources for competitor research. Their team of editors and journalists are committed to providing objective, rounded reports on the latest announcements.

They provide ongoing coverage of hot topics like grocers unions, contestation of swipe fees, earnings reports, and more—giving you an “insider” edge. Keep abreast of your competitions’ activity and stay ahead of the curve by subscribing to their newsletter. 



Food Dive

Grocery Dive’s sister publication, Food Dive, is another great source of information for those in the industry. This site provides the same high-quality news, but takes a more product-centered approach. 


By looking at food manufacturers, CPGs, and overall food supply trends, Food Dive will keep you in-the-know regarding the various products your store is offering to consumers. Every good retailer knows their products, and food supply news is a great place to start. 

Winsight Grocery Business

With an extremely customizable newsletter selection. Winsight Grocery Business is a strong resource for hand-picked articles that pertain to your needs. You can select a daily or weekly newsletter frequency, and then choose articles you’re interested in from topics such as foodservice at retail, CBD marketing, and many more. 


If you’re short on time, their site offers a weekly overview called “The Scan” to help you get all of your information in one place! 

IT Retail Blog

Last but not least, why not subscribe to the blog you’re reading right now?  More than just your partner in point-of-sale technology, IT Retail provides the public with top-tier grocery news. 

George Goodwin, a third-generation grocer, manages our blog with his content writing team and takes an unbiased approach to providing research-driven news about industry tech and trends. At IT Retail, we know grocers and their businesses, and our dedication to doing right by them shines through in our quality posts. From informative articles to investment suggestions, this is a one-stop shop for grocery news. 


While we don’t operate any other blogs listed here—and can’t speak for them—we can guarantee that this is one news outlet that will never send you spam or junk emails for signing up! Our newsletter is sent out bi-weekly, but be advised that not all of the blogs on this list follow the same “no-spam” standard.

Author: George Goodwin

George Goodwin is a Marketing Director for IT Retail POS solution. He has a background in marketing for health food grocery stores and online software. He is a 3rd generation grocer who has worked on business partnerships, social media, website SEO, and content writing. George graduated as a student-athlete in Economics and English from the University of California, Riverside. With a post-graduate degree from Graduate Institution of Biblical Studies.