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IT Retail has a special place in its heart for Oriental Markets. When we first started almost 30 years ago, we signed a significant deal with large asian supermarket chain, based in Buena Park, California with 40+ stores that will continue to grow and succeed with IT Retail. Another successful client was a Filipino supermarket chain founded in National City, California. With an Asian American twist, it has 20+ stores, specializes in Filipino food and products, and offers a wide selection of imported Asian goods and American staples.

High-Level POS Features & Hardware

Online Grocery Integrations

We make using e-commerce grocery simple by building seamless integrations into the top e-commerce platforms for small grocery retailers. E-Commerce is rapidly growing in the grocery space and we are here to help you get a portion of that.

PCI Through and Through

We only deploy PCI-compliant environments. We have been certified for our direct interfaces as well as our gateway interfaces.

Built to Grow With Your Business

Our solutions are flexible and grow as your business grows. We can recount numerous times where 5 store grocery chains using IT Retail grew to 150+ store chains. We take pride in helping every step of the way.

Supported by a World-Class Team

We don’t expect you to have a staff of IT experts. Let us be the experts in ensuring that your store is set up with the right network for safe and secure payment processing. And if your technology fails, we will be there 24/7 to help get you back.

Powerful Inventory to Help Oriental Supermarkets Keep Track of Shrink

Do Inventory Counts

Flexible counting system that allows the store to create counts from a mobile app. An inventory count shows the qty at the time of the count the quantity on hand.

Know your Shrink

Calculates shrinkage, by looking at items received, items sold, and past inventory counts. This is critical for oriental food stores to know as shrink is a problem everywhere.


Receive items. This can be done on a handheld, or through the back office. You can receive against an order, or receive without an order. Once you finish receiving you can create an invoice, and mark it once you have paid the vendor.

Low Stock reports

A Low-Stock report keeps you one step ahead. Evaluate year-to-date sales, last month, and last week’s sales so you know exactly how much to order when re-ordering.

A Fully-Featured Solution

Our Back Office

IT Retail for Supermarket’s back office lets grocers analyze every detail of their business.  

  • All the Features Needed and More

    The reason that we have been able to stay in business for 25 years is that we are focused on helping our customers succeed. Our back-office comes with tons of reports and management tools to organize your employees and products most effectively.

  • Multi-Store Management

    Our solutions are built to help grocers grow. Many of our users started as one grocery store and have grown to add tens of grocery stores. Our management suite has been essential to fueling that growth.

  • An Open Platform

    Technical users have built hundreds of custom reports using SQL server and custom features using our SDK.

  • Inventory Management

    Our mobile inventory systems are in a class of their own. We use Cipher labs technology to provide our mobile inventory and reporting solution. Learn More

Our Front End

IT Retail for Supermarket’s front end improves grocery checkout speed and efficiency while capturing valuable data.  

  • Grocery Focused

    EBT, eWIC (Online), and eWIC offline are all supported by IT Retail. We have powerful discounts, full support for scanner/ scales, customer display, and signature capture PINpads.

  • Easy to learn

    Our touchscreens are intuitive and user-friendly, the result of years of market research and optimization. Our team takes design very seriously.

  • Fully Customizable

    Add custom buttons or rearrange the layout with our simple configuration editor. Every store is different and that is why we make it really easy to customize the touchscreen the way you want.

  • PCI Compliant

    We support a PCI compliant direct interface into First Data as well as support for multiple gateways which are also PCI compliant.


Our support team is world-class. When you speak with any of our customers the first thing they talk about is our support team. We believe our product is the best point of sale for grocery, but even more, we believe that we have the best support team of all grocery point of sale providers.

24/7 emergency support that is 100% in the USA

Front End POS

Back Office



  • Scanner-Scale or Hand Scanner
  • EMV PIN Pads
  • Receipt Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Customer Display
  • Mobile Checkout


  • All of the essential supermarket features
  • Self checkout
  • Coupon Engine
  • An Open SDK
  • Multi-Store Management
  • Back Office Reporting
  • Inventory Management
  • Custom Labels
  • Employee Management
  • Cash Management/ End of Day Reports
  • Self Labels
  • iOS App
  • Online Grocery Integrations
  • Cashier Analysis
  • And Much More!
  • PCI Compliant
  • E2E and P2Pe Encryption
  • Direct Rapid Connect Interface
  • EBT / SNAP
  • eWIC (Online and Offline)
  • Credit / Debit / Checks
  • NFC
  • Telecheck
  • Gift Cards
  • Blackhawk
  • QR code
  • WeChat

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