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10:00 AM – Keynote  

10:30 AM – Training 

12:30 PM- Conclusion & Lunch 



Here, you’ll learn all about our latest features and advancements. We want to provide you with the best POS possible, and this webinar will tell you everything you need to know about our newest updates.




Start Wednesday, November 24th tentatively at 10 am to 3 pm PST

We’re excited to see you then!



Bi Quarterly Webinars


IT Retail is always working on improving our POS system so that grocers can pride themselves on having the latest technology. To accomplish this goal, we introduce new updates to our software every quarter.  Welcome to our professional training seminar! We at IT Retail understand that your company needs custom solutions for custom problems, and we are here to provide that for you.



Our goal is to provide your chains with not only the best POS system on the market that caters to your company’s unique needs but also to provide the best service possible. This doesn’t end with a one-time purchase of our software.


Here at IT Retail, we add new features to our software quarterly so that your grocery stores can stay on top of the technology curve. Because of this, we offer our current customers free webinars every quarter that teach your teams the ins and outs of our always improving POS system.


The world has been filled with many unknowns lately. However, there is one thing that will always be known for your company: you will always find the support that you need here at IT Retail, every single step of the way. IT Retail invites your teams to join us at our upcoming webinar where you will receive information on our latest advancements and any support that your business needs to continue to be successful. We are excited to see you there! Be on the lookout for our new webinars that are completely free and are available for your entire team. Our webinars will be every quarter and will show our latest advancements to our POS systems.