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Product Maintenance

Add or change a product on the fly.



Apply ad batches or normal price change batches.



Generate purchase orders to send to vendors / wholesalers.



Receive against an order or receive on the fly or receive without an order.


Tag Requests

Generate a list of shelf tags to print.


Inventory Count

Audit the inventory on hand and to update against the audit.

Back office Inventory Management

In addition to all the great features that our mobile solution offers we have all those great features available from the back office and more.

Inventory Count

Flexible counting system that allows the store to create counts according to their preference. An inventory count shows the quanity at the time of the count the quantity on hand.

Know your Shrink

The IT Retail POS application calculates shrinkage, by looking at items received, items sold, and past inventory counts.

Create Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders that can be converted into multiple file types, including PDF which can be to vendors, and received against that order to verify that all items were received. This allows you to pay on what you received and not on what you ordered.


Receive items. This can be done on a handheld, or through the back office. You can receive against an order, or receive without an order. Once you finish receiving you can create an invoice, and mark it once you have paid the vendor.

Low Stock reports

Low-Stock report keeps you one step ahead. Evaluate year-to-date sales, last month and last weeks sales so you know exactly how much to order when re-ordering. Our pos  is the best grocery inventory in its class.


Our support team is world class. When you speak with any of our customers the first thing they talk about is our support team. We believe our product is the best point of sale for grocery, but even more, we believe that we have the best support team of all grocery point of sale providers.

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