Intelligent commerce with coupon optimization. Handle store and manufacture coupons and get recommendations based on basket contents.


eCommerce and online grocery solution allowing grocers to take their store online while integrating with the best grocery point of sale. (Read More Click Here)

NCR AMS & Self Checkout

Advanced marketing solution (AMS) creates relevent promotions and incentives through store and digital manufacturer coupons. Basket analysis and promotional recommendation.

Self checkout enables IT Retail software to be used for self-checkout lanes.


Basket forwarding with intelligent retailer insights. Prologic is committed to providing top-tier service, support and expertise to help your business increase efficieny and profitability.  


Integrations of Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay. The preferred payment option for one billion Chinese consumers.

BR Data

Backend office management and data portal. Product file management with additional back-office functionality. Options for inventory management, etc.


Business operations and customer relations back-office management. Give business users real-time visibility into processes spanning multiple systems and the means to respond quickly to emerging situations.


Activate and integrate other retailers’ gift cards. Work with a global leader that will increase company branding and company revenue.


Activate other retailers’ gift cards. There are different rewards for different people and while gift card appeal to everyone. We help retails process gift cards.  


Data and transaction analysis, product pricing and location optimizations.


Competitive sales volumes and insights into distribution, pricing, merchandising, and promotion.

Pan Osten

Compatibility with Pan Osten Cash machines. The experience and size to produce fixtures, displays, and front-end solutions for a range of clients from small shops to nationwide retailers. 


Commerce for grocery platform that supports over 1,500 stores across 10+ countries. Provide full digital engagement for grocery and specialty retail. Including solutions for mobile, fulfillment and delivery.

My Cloud Grocer

Award-winning eCommerce solution designed to help supermarkets thrive in a competitive digital world.

Self Point

Tools to build and manage eCommerce websites with marketing, customer service, order fulfillment, automated warehouses, and delivery solutions.


Join the marketplace, or provide delivery with Powered by Instacart. Promote your products through the digital storefront and marketing campaigns.

FutureProof Retail

Self-checkout, skip lines, place orders and more with IT Retail integration. Future Proof Retail develops technology that brings the personalization and convenience of eCommerce shopping to physical stores.

Remote Eyes

Security camera and theft prevention platform. The Remote Eyes surveillance equipment and service suite provides video management via IP and analog camera systems while integrating with leading POS systems.


Personalized marketing and loyalty for multi-location retailers, franchises, and independent grocers.


Label and barcode creation and automation. The software enables retailers to improve the security, efficiency, safety and compliances.


Data collection and predictive analytics giving retails insight for customized marketing and business growth opportunities and plans.


Integrate customer data with 1000s of online services. IT Retail POS works well to help you market to build loyalty with your customers. (Read More Click Here)

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