In 1993, Martin Goodwin set out to build a point of sale for grocers. His innovation paved the way for IT Retail. Today, we are proud to partner with grocers all over the USA. Our goal has always stayed the same, to give grocers the power they need to run their businesses better.


We’re proud of our heritage in being a company “built by grocers.” Our new branding represents an emphasis on this collaboration and trust with customers. We’re here to develop with our customers, not just for them.

The IT Retail Logo

Our new logo is more than an image, it’s a representation of who we are as a brand. We see this update in our identity as a re-dedication to collaboration with customers. We explored many ideas to bring this notion to life.

At our core, we are grocers. The new green color represents that with the color of produce. The “IT” mark was flattened and re-invented, symbolizing a new start for IT Retail. The mark is in the shape of a coin, pointing to the exchange of currency at the point of sale. Additionally, the letters “I” and “T” in the symbol are incorporated, or united together, conveying collaboration.



IT Retail’s colors aim to usher in a new era of point of sale. Using fresh greens reminiscent of produce and circuitry, our colors remind us of our promise to keep systems updated and running for every customer.


Expressing IT Retail’s commitment to provide simple and useful systems to grocers, our brand pattern points to the circuitry inside each of our point of sale systems. We do our best to take the complexity out of running a grocery store.

We’re so proud to show our new brand that your partnership has helped create. IT Retail is excited to continue developing point of sale systems for each of your grocery stores. We’re here to create partnerships, and this brand serves as a visual reminder to the commitment we have to our customers and their businesses.

Special thanks to Ben Loiz Studio for the design of our new brand.