Give customers a boost of confidence as they check out.

Perfect integration

Our customer displays come as an optional attachment for the checkstand unit. Each screen is designed to fit and work perfectly with your system. IT Retail POS automatically displays transnational information when a customer display is detected.

Valuable information at a glance.

Give customers a little extra confidence as they’re checking out of your store. See valuable information like purchased items, totals, and savings directly on the screen.

Built for customer loyalty.

See updated customer loyalty points earnings and totals on the screen. Our POS hardware save time because it answer questions before the customer can ask them, you can also view customer balance for in-store charge accounts.

Sleek design and superior brightness.

We’ve spent years testing our checkstand hardware, including the customer display. The screen is sleek, reliable, and has some of the best brightness in its class. Make it easy for customers to know what they’re paying for.

Functionality Expandable to Any Screen

Our hardware is some of the best in its class, but IT Retail also integrates with nearly every monitor-like customer display available.

Thousands of lanes across the USA are using customer displays with IT Retail.

Our software makes it easy to get set up with a customer display. Provide your customers with added confidence and the clarity that comes with an effective customer display.

Do you need a new POS?

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