IT RETAIL is committed to be a global leader in providing innovative,
simple and powerful POS systems to grocery retailers.




IT RETAIL is committed to be a market leader in providing simple yet powerful grocery POS systems worldwide.



Our goal is to make retailers’ lives easier more profitable by eliminating the complexity of procuring vital information.



We are committed to delivering strategic, relevant, and timely information precisely when and exactly how retailers want it.

Company Background

IT Retail Grocery POS Founders

IT Retail focuses on developing grocery POS software on the Microsoft platform and solutions that interface with the Microsoft suite of products. Our development platform is Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 and XP, SQL Server, Visual Basic, .Net and MS Office. We develop, customize, sell and service retail solutions to independent global grocery retail chains and other retail operators.

We provide enterprise-wide open software solutions that are designed to enable food retailers in the grocery market sector to respond to changing consumer preferences and ever-evolving technological advances. Our software solutions cover a wide range of retail applications, including easy-to-use, comprehensive point-of-sale and back office store systems that may be combined with a corporate host system. We design our solutions to be flexible, scalable, and reliable: you can depend on our software. We have put a robust support team in place to ensure that each software sale is just the beginning of a long-time partnership; we want to be there for you as your business grows and thrives.

IT Retail is committed to continuing its leadership in providing quality solutions, products and services to the retail industry for years to come. You can count on it.

Our Story

Martin Goodwin, a third generation retailer, was tired of the inflexibility of available systems, and became increasingly frustrated with operating his chain of grocery stores. “Couldn’t someone produce POS software on Windows NT” he thought. In 1992 he began going to trade show after trade show in search of a Windows POS solution. He found nothing.

After years of struggling to run his company better, trying to integrate various management programs, software packages, and point-of-sale and accounting systems, he knew there had to be a better way. “We heard from technicians and value-added resellers that they had the ‘best idea.’ Somehow, their ‘solutions’ never worked completely. You see, we were thinking like retailers, and they were thinking like programmers.”

In the early part of 1993, Goodwin set out to build his own Windows POS/Instore Solution. Goodwin began to design and prototype a system from a retailer’s perspective, putting critical information at the fingertips of the retailer so that better decisions could be made. He also wanted to integrate vital software functions – POS, Inventory and DSD, Credit/Debit, Customer Loyalty, and Accounting – into one easy solution.

When the design was complete, he hired Microsoft Consulting to build the solution. Using Goodwin’s own supermarket retailing operation as a test bed, they began creating RETAIL, the complete solution for running a retailing business. With more than a million customers a year shopping at that business, there was plenty of opportunity to test and retest ideas.

After the initial alpha release, Goodwin hired his own team of developers to finish the software and make it ready for other retailers.

In 1994 RETAIL was born and MSS Global officially began conducting business. Since then, RETAIL has become a huge success. In such a short history, RETAIL has grabbed the attention of retailers from all over the globe. MSS Global boasts of over 40,000 licenses sold. Martin Goodwin says, “This is only the start. RETAIL is the best and most complete grocery supermarket software package available today, and grocery retailers are beginning to find out about us. Sales activity is exploding!”

RETAIL is tailored to the needs of your business, with several product and IT service offerings.

Today MSS Global is IT RETAIL, and has expanded around the globe, setting up offices in Europe, Asia, South America, and Central America

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