10. Do I really need a new POS system?

Well, that depends where you are on the POS Technology Curve

No POS System

If you have a new store your POS system should enable you to:

  • Checkout Customers, FAST
  • See Detailed Sales Report
  • Print Itemized Receipts
  • Track Cashier Performance
  • Stay PCI compliant
  • Take EMV/ Chip Cards
Electronic Cash Register

If your store is using an electronic cash register today this is what you are missing out on: 

  • Sales Reports by Day, Month and Year instantly
  • Itemized receipts with item level detail
  • A seamless customer paying experience
  • Easily scan and weigh products
  • Price changes are a breeze
  • Label your shelves with the products in your system
  • We can go on…
Legacy POS System

If you have a POS system that is older you are missing out on features like:

  • Access to your Backoffice on any device
  • Product Sales movement
  • Low inventory reports
  • Get sales via text message
  • Import Inventory in a breeze
  • Track Price changes/ evaluate the performance
  • Import customer data into MailChimp
  • Integrate into Quickbooks
  • And much more…

9. Can I keep my current payment processor?

Yes, we support all reputable processors in the US.

We support these processors and more:

Payment processing can be a little tricky but we are here to help you navigate the payment processing waters. We want you to get the best rates with the best processors because that makes our system work that much better for you.

8. What if there is an emergency and my internet goes down, does your system still work?

Stay calm, we’ve got you covered.

In architecting our POS solution offline scenarios were very important to us. We actually built a completely cloud-based prototype but we scrapped it because stability was of utmost importance to our customers.

If the internet goes down, you can checkout customers like normal and process credit cards, cash or checks.

In addition, every component of our system is backed by a 3-year depot warranty and we have disaster recovery strategies for when things to go terribly wrong like geo-replicating your data.

7. Does Retail MARKET have all of the features my business needs?

If you call your business a grocery store, then yes!

  • We’ve refined our 25 years of grocery experience into Retail MARKET and are well versed in the unique requirements in grocery.
  • We aren’t exclusive to grocery stores, but grocery is what we do best – No other POS is as grocery-focused as ours.
  • Even if you find a feature that you really need that we don’t have we’d love to discuss the feature with you. We love building our software alongside grocers not dictating how we believe a feature should work.
  • Schedule a free, no commitment consultation. We strongly recommend that you view a demo before purchasing.

6. Is it user friendly?

Cashiers typically feel comfortable using our system after about 10 minutes.

Our touch screen and back office were designed with two primary concerns – speed and ease.

  • Speed – We want you to be able to achieve the task at hand with the fewest keystrokes possible
  • Ease – We want our solution to be incredibly simple to use.

In addition, we have awesome training resources:

  • In-person training
  • Webinars
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • Best practice guides
  • Or talk to our Customer Success Team whose primary job is to ensure our system works perfectly for your store.

5. What if I don’t know enough about technology to make an informed decision?

We have a qualification process that will expose any reasons that our solution may not be a perfect fit for your store. We want customers that love our product and will not sell it to a store that we believe may not love it.  


We want to make sure you are well-informed and confident in making a decision.

4. How do I know I can trust your company?

Our family-owned and operated company has been in business for over 25 years with Retail MARKET used in 100s of stores.  If you don’t trust us, trust our customers. 99% of users are pleased with the service we provide. Here’s what they have to say:

So far our experience has been great; there have been a few software bugs but the best part about IT Retail is that they are super responsive to all of our problems. If we call them with an issue it’s usually a same-day fix and we are back up and running.

David Goodwin

Goodwin’s Organics

We never used a POS system until we were approached by Retail MARKET. After using the system for one year I can say that it has helped me track my business better than ever.


New Deal Fish Market

We love Retail MARKET because it works for our business, instead of making us work for it. We used to use Square, and the difference is night and day. We can sell cheese by the pound, track profit by product, and track our employee behavior. It’s the best!

Christina Barbieri

Wolf Meadow Farm

The staff has been incredibly responsive and has always taken my needs and suggestions into consideration… It’s very easy to use. I like the IT Retail site and all the features it offers, like entering the end of day totals, reporting, and the ability to edit the register buttons. I don’t intend on changing the product in my business and I look forward to growing our relationship!


Sophia’s Greek Pantry

3. What does the installation process look like?

We’ve done thousands of installs and are constantly working to improve our process. 

1. Free Consultation and Optional Demo

2. Select Hardware that meets the needs of your store

3. We order the hardware and you relax while we go to work for you:

  • Create your store
  • We Import your product file into our system
  • Perform an on-site or remote install
  • Train your employees

4. Grand Opening

2. Can I return it?

That’s an option.

Our qualification process ensures our system is a good fit for your store. Plus, we are always seeking feedback from our customers. Before you invest money in integrating our system to the store, we always do our best to make sure it will work for you. If things change, we aren’t going to strangle you with unreasonable contracts and commitments.

1. How much does it cost?

Hardware varies from store to store from about $2000 per lane to $5000 per lane


Standard Market

Per Lane
$100/Month/ Lane
  • Includes – Updates, Support, Hosting

  • Cash Register

  • Integrated EMV Payments

  • EBT Food and Cash Support

  • Gift Card Support

  • Customer Display

  • Scanner/Scale or Hand Scanner

  • Add/Edit Products from Register

  • Time Tracking

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Back-Office Management

  • Departments and Sub Departments

  • Employee Managment

  • Taxes Managment

  • Paid In and Out

  • Bottle Deposits

  • Discounts

  • Vendor Management

  • Product Lookup Designer

  • Shelf Labels

  • QuickBooks Integration

  • Mass Product Changes

  • Wholesale Import

  • Reports

  • Store Sales

  • End of Day Reports

  • Balance Tills

  • Electronic Journal

  • Inventory Reports

  • Timesheet

  • Weekly Report

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Employee Performance

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